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Художествена галерия „ Жорж Папазов” – Ямбол - Art Gallery "Papazov" - Yambol
"Цветя - Fiori" a socio-anthropological project. In 2014 at the "Papazov" Art Gallery in Yambol, Bulgaria, collaborating with social centers and orphanages in the city who gave their support to work with the children to create an instillation as part of an exhibition including three other Italian artists, Maria Parisi, Natale Platania and Cetty Previtera.
 A set of 100 boxes 4x4 meters filled with earth, imprinted by the hands of 100 different children of the "ксудв" center. Covered with colored dust to highlight the handprints, the installation positioned in the center of the exhibition hall, looked like a field of colorful flowers, giving a sense of lightness, freedom and joy, just like children.
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