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Missing, represented as a mapping of the non-existent, the unusual shapes recall memories of the artist, where fragments of everyday life become a silent alphabet of sensorial cues.

In contrast to the meaning of the term, the black marks mask the surface of the painting, becoming integral parts of the work, covering the subjects depicted underneath. A visual journey into the imagination, depriving the observer of the work's main reference points.

Even the photographic and ready-made image is subjected to a re-elaboration that seeks a "détournement" effect until it reaches the boundaries of the soul.


This is a process that recalls sculpture where the idea of adding (modelling) and removing (sculpting) is the utmost prerogative. In fact, by superimposing black color on the finished painting an element is adjoined but also subtracted from the complete vision of the underlying subject. By eliminating the expectation of the complete work in its self-evident depiction the artist creates a new concept of “beauty”, the work of art in its being is missing.

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