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“Plebiscito o Pebliscito” THE DISTRICT ON SHOW
in the center of the city / in the center of culture

21 September 2018

 Visiting contemporary artworks

displayed in the San Cristoforo district in Catania


Critical Texts

Giuseppe Condorelli, Rocco Giudice, Corrado Peligra and Antonio Vitale


Project for valorisation of the district cultural rebirth

On 21 September 2018, the San Cristoforo district opened its doors to welcome people of any culture and social status. Through the language of art, for one whole day artists, galleries and associations entrusted their works to shops in the district. The relationship was based on trust, or more exactly, on the “word”, as is the custom in the district.

The district was on display “at the centre of the city, at the centre of culture.”

To document the event art critics, art historians, anthropologists, photographers and videographers were involved.

Present at the event were the best-known exponents of Sicilian and Italian culture, who mobilized to know, study, analyze, historicize and propose solutions for revaluation of the places.

Their cultural participation will contribute to a change in public opinion.

Historical Italian galleries got their best artists to take part in the initiative.

Every shop was entrusted with a work, which was displayed and looked after for the whole day. Sixty-two shops took part and seventy artists.


Photographed by Alice Coco

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